Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are You Pregnant-The Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

What Is The Top 10 Signs of Early Pregnancy?

1. Food cravings.
2. Darkening of your areolas.
3. Implantation bleeding or cramping.
4. Frequent urination.
5. Fatigue. Feeling tired?
6. Tender, swollen breasts.
7. Altered sense of taste.
8. Morning sickness (Vomiting)
9. A missed period.
10. A positive home pregnancy test.

How To Use Positive Home Pregnancy Test?

Tips 1
You only need to use first-morning urine if you are testing early in your cycle.

 Tips 2
You should avoid drinking a large quantity of liquids prior to taking the pregnancy test. If you've had a lot to drink, then avoid drinking large amounts for the next 2 to 3 hours when take the test
Tips 3
Only read the test within the time window given to you in the instructions.  Some tests will turn positive after they have sat awhile. 

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